In Lagarto café we decided to speak with Apronista company a few month ago about preparation of tailor-made aprons. Until then, I had no idea how small details and precise processing may improve, not only individual people, but the whole concept of interior. I appreciate personal approach and initiatives.

Jan Hawelka / Lagarto stores


I addressed Zuzka as part of my preparations for the World Coffee Championship 2017 in Soul. I Got (!) two tailor-made aprons. I am 100% satisfied. I wanted the lighter fabrics for more airy movement and leather straps. Nothing complicated. It sits perfectly, it does not interfere with anything. With a quiet heart I recommend both for daily work and for more festive purposes such as competition.

Jan Škeřík / Barista roku ČR 2017 / Praha


Collaboration with Zuzka was just one joy! She is very accommodating, professional, listening to customers and their individual needs, and in all the details, from the color of the skin to the color of the smallest metal eyelet, which pleased me very much. Pattern, fabric selection and properties ... all tailored to the design of the interior. This approachis not visible anywhere, and I therefore value this cooperation very much. Keep it up! I recommend is worth it! I look forward to another close cooperation.

Eva Dlabalová / Long Story Short Hostel / Olomouc


Excellent collaboration from design to final product. Mrs. Válková was very friendly and helpful and despite the short time of realization everything was perfect, aprons were very successful and finally we ordered others and for our other brand.

Michaela Tesařová / Moët Hennessy


I bought on the Apronista website twice. Every time perfect information about the order status. Goods made on the second day after payment. The package is beautiful. Joy to spend money. The Apronist team deserves a lot of satisfied customers like me.

Robert Maděra, Liberec


A willing and loving approach, communication at a great level. I created the apron exactly as I imagine. Besides the quality of the material, it also excels in its stylish look. I'm very satisfied with the apron. I use it often and still looks great. It is quality. I recommend.

Šimon Janík / Fefe Café / Junior Barista Master SR 2016 / Trnava


I have been hesitating for the apron for a long time so I have bet on this brand on the recommendation of a friend. I have apron since October and I have to say that this is a very good quality product. The communication was excellent and everything was quickly settled within a few days, including a complaint (banal affair) that took place in a week. Since then everything is fine and I'm already thinking about another piece!

Martin Holacký / Kavárna u Mlsného kocoura / Znojmo


A month ago I ordered an apron and I am very satisfied with the quality and appearance after a while. The apron is easy to maintain and the detachable leather elements make it even easier. Thank you and continue what you are doing :)

Michael Tran / Plzeň


I have your apron for almost a year and I'm really happy with her. It is my friend not only on shifts but also on competitions. The material is very good and comfortable to wear. Its unique design lends me a sort of barist originality.

Alex Thomas Szkandera / Ostrava


I've been working for seven years as a barista or a roaster. I've always loved aprons. The apron from Apronista company was my first tailor-made apron. Previously, I tried more handmade aprons. From the Apronista company I wanted apron with a washable surface and I suggested a preferred pattern. I wanted to pay for quality. What came over surpassed everything I expected. The apron sits, it is perfectly functional and beautiful. It fits, I feel great in it. I never washed it. I only occasionally clean and impregnate the leather surface. It's a beautiful job. And on my apron I packed my girl!

Alan Jarrar / Skog / Brno


Aprons that warm up not only on the body but also on the heart. The speed, precision and willingness with which they are made is admirable and unusual; in any case, the aprons get used to them very quickly. Great invested money. With a perfectly calm conscience, I can recommend the Apronista company. You are stars, thank you!

Ondřej Schlagel / Pauseteria / Praha


Apronista company worked very well with us. They approach the customer individually, according to his wishes and needs. The goods were delivered in very good quality at the agreed time, even though we increased the numbers during stitching. We can only recommend!

Jiřina Plačková / Café Placzek / Brno


On the e-shop of, we came across with a coincidence when looking for suitable and stylish aprons. We were enthusiastic about the call. The communication was fast and Mrs. Válková was very willing. All our ideas have been met, the aprons are beautiful, of high quality materials and original design. It certainly was not our last purchase.

Patrik Skala / Kafe na kolech / Praha


Original handmade aprons tailored to your liking and comfort, I strongly recommend to you. Excellent communication. From this company I have several aprons and I like to recommend for all ☺☺.

Dita Hanudelová / Love by day coffee / Praha


With Apronista aprons I am very satisfied, they are very well made of comfortable material, wear very well.

Tomáš Kubeška / Simple Cafe / Hradec Králové


We have been cooperating with Zuzka Válková for the third year, and we are happy. She designed aprons for our interior of the newly opened cafe, made of comfortable material, nice fits. We continuously ordered and fine-tune the details, Zuzka tailors us according to the requirements of peace. Always willing. We are very pleased when the new shipment arrives, it's a pleasure to unpack the beautifully packed aprons.

Zuzana Hradcová / " ... Škoda nezajít ..." / Mladá Boleslav


I personally (and not only myself) I am very happy. I do not wear anything more than the Apronista apron for the past year and a half. For me, I can definitely say that when we need new aprons, you will definitely be addressed. Thanks to you, my shifts are more pleasant. Every coffee I make is a joy. It's unbelievable how faithfully the inanimate subject (such as aprons) is thriving in the impression that she loves you to love you. And we love it back. Working in Apronista apron is like working without an apron - in the best sense. Because how we were able to configure the aprons made them part of us. And they are not only comfortable, but also look great, our customers regularly remind us. PS: Maybe our barista, Honza, loves her so much that he might even be allowed to bury with her.

Jan Václavíček / Kikafe / Olomouc