Frequently asked questions

Is there a better apron variant with neck straps or a cross across the back?

If you work in an apron all day, we definitely recommend straps across your back. Your cervical spine will be loose, your back straight, and your apron will not get down altogether.

Do you have waterproof material?

We have a black blend cloth in twine with a water-repellent finish - see sampler. The fabric is designed for the production of work clothes and professional outdoor clothing even in demanding operations. The fabric is characterized by its high strength and resistance to repeated maintenance. In this fabric, you will especially appreciate the bonding and weaving method with a higher proportion of cotton on the inner side that is in contact with the skin and blended fibers on the outside of the fabric, which guarantees higher strength, color fastness and abrasion resistance. From this material, we only produce the Cobra apron model for tattoos. If you are interested in another apron model in a water-repellent treatment, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to care for aprons?

In order to wash the aprons in the washing machine, all leather components are detachable. It is therefore necessary to remove them before washing. You can find all the necessary information about washing in our substance chart - see textile sample. They can iron at a higher average temperature with steam even without steam. When ironing, it is advisable to avoid metal rivets and grommets to avoid irritating the iron.

Do you have a store? Can I see the aprons personally?

We do not have a store. But we will gladly welcome you at our factory in the center of Liberec and we will show you everything.

How long does production last?

1-3 weeks, according to the amount of your order. Because you are configuring the aprons in your configurator yourself, you can not sew to the warehouse. We start production after the order has been received and paid. More about the delivery time here: delivery time

Is it possible to have an own logo or embroidered name on the apron?

Yes of course. We deal with logos, prints and names individually with each one. Logo / print

What apron size to order?

We have 4 different apron sizes. The size guide describes all dimensions in detail. We recommend that you measure and choose thoroughly. Because we are not a classic eshop, but it is custom made, we can not simply replace or return the goods as you are used to from ordinary eshop - see General terms