Delivery time

Our priority is that you can create apron which will perfectly match with your business and fits you as well. Essentialy, it is custom production. Therefore it is impossible to make aprons „in stock“. We begin with production after the order is paid.

Whole time we will be in touch with you so you will know the current order status. Of course, we can try to adapt for example to opening date of your venue or the date of celebration, if you plan the apron as a gift. Generally, we can say that 1 piece of apron should be made in one week, medium orders (around 20 pieces) in two weeks and bigger orders over 20 pieces in three weeks maximum.


Still, despite the huge fabric stock, it can happen that we run out of the fabric of your choice and the production will delay (concerning mainly large orders). You will be informed immediately so we can find the best solution for your satisfaction.